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At Top Local Trainer all of our personal trainers in Manchester receive a number of exclusive benefits and perks. The website is completely dedicated to pairing up quality fitness trainers with people looking for personal training in Manchester. You could be linking with people wanting to start their healthier lifestyle, improve their fitness level or maintaining a good level of fitness. Joining the team is so easy and when you take up membership you receive your very own personal fitness profile on the website. Your profile is then visible to all the people seeking a personal trainer in Manchester. Not only that, you will also be given access to specially discounted fitness products including fitness education courses, supplement products and fitness equipment.
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Don’t let the Rainy City hold you back. Find the best personal trainer Manchester - all within a few clicks.

The Rainy City. Warehouse City. Cottonopolis. Whatever you call it, Manchester isn’t short of special spaces for outdoor exercise. To don the Lycra and hit the city is to explore the story of Manchester - from the old cotton warehouses of Portland Street to today’s architectural stunners like Beetham Tower, the Civil Justice Centre and One Angel Square. Oh and just three miles separates the oldest public library in the English-speaking world (Chetham’s Library) from Kersal Moor. Make it to the top and you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of Manchester’s skyline, where modern skyscrapers battle historic chimney stacks for supremacy. Culture and freedom in one run. Who needs stuffy gyms?

Get out there and conquer your fitness goals with Top Local Trainer - a ridiculously easy way to find the best personal trainer Manchester can throw at you. Just enter your postcode and browse a curated list of fitness pros ready to help whip you into shape (not literally) and transform your fitness. Each trainer has been vetted by our fitness gurus. Each gets free training materials to keep their service tip-top. And each is a mere hop, step and jump away from your doorstep.

Hear that? That’s the sound of the barriers to your fitness goals crashing down.

Let’s get started. Below are a few of Manchester’s finest fitness pros.

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