Will Fitspiration Really Motivate Me to Get Back to the Gym?

The hashtag ‘fitspiration’ was popularised by the social media platform Instagram. A portmanteau of ‘fitness’ and ‘inspiration’, fitspiration is used by gym rats and health buffs to share their content. A simple search using #fitspiration or #fitspo will generate millions of images that promote health, fitness, and strength.

The aim of the hashtag is simply to inspire others with their own fitness journey. Similar to how magazines share exercise tips from highly active celebrities, Instagram can turn anyone into an instant fitspiration figure. The Independent points out that users share their own transformation  online for accountability. People can comment on your progress, cheer you on, and give you practical tips as well. Seeing other people turn their life around with healthy eating and consistent training can motivate you to say, “If they can do it, so can I.”

(image: Anthony Joshua’s Instagram)

As long as you have a smartphone and a fitness goal, finding motivation is easy. Fitspiration caters to all audiences from all over the world, too. For instance, scrolling through Anthony Joshua’s feed can give anyone a confidence boost in the gym. The British professional boxer regularly shares snippets of his workouts to his 6.7 million followers. It is a picture of great determination—something that everyone who wants to get fit should emulate. Joshua shared on Men’s Health that he doesn’t have a strict nutrition plan as long as he sticks to clean eating. Aside from boxing, he normally does bodyweight training and cardio (swimming, running).

(image: Gal Gadot’s Instagram)

Gal Gadot, who trains for 6 hours a day, is another great source of inspiration. To prepare for Wonder Woman, the Israeli actress sculpted her physique with various workouts which include strength training and martial arts. Because Gal Gadot was able to talk the talk, the Amazonian character she portrayed has become popular once more. The Amazons, where Wonder Woman came from, have influences that can be felt in literature, comics, television, and games. The Wonder Woman inspiration can be clearly seen in the Amazon Queen game hosted on Foxy Casino as it highlights the strength of the female warriors. Seeing female strength onscreen or online can empower women to harness their own and turn it into something great—something that Gadot has clearly succeeded in doing. With her portrayal of Wonder Woman and inspiring fitspiration posts, Gadot is a perfect role model. You can follow in her footsteps and achieve your fitness goals.

For many of us, starting a fitness journey is the hardest part. It’s easy to get hooked on a program when you’re already seeing progress. You might need to hire a personal trainer to get you started. Top Local Trainer mentioned that having a talk about your fitness goals, schedule, and philosophy will help a trainer create a program for you. And when you need an extra boost, finding inspiration is easy. It’s what you do with that inspiration that really matters.

Nick McPherson
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