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Katie Tomkins

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I am a Fitness Professional passionate about my profession, which is more like a hobby. Teaching Exercise is a very sociable profession with unsociable hours! I have worked in the Fitness Industry since I started my first part time job answering the phone in a gym at the age of 17! Over the years I have trained with some stars and one client included Lenny Henry. I also worked for Rosemary Conley at the height of her diet and exercise craze. More recently I have worked with local football teams doing fitness training sessions, large group exercise classes and 1-2-1 sessions. I left a part time job a few years ago to work for myself, help clients of various ages and abilities teach exercise all day every day and get a great sense of achievement for me and my clients. Running is my hobby and I have completed the Great North, Great Birmingham, and many other runs over the last 10 years. There is never a Monday feeling with my business!


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  • £25 / hr per session

  • Classes £5 per person
  • Book and pay upfront for 6 classes

Blakedown, Hagley, Belbroughton, Stourbridge, Halesowen, Clent, Kidderminster.

  • Metafit

  • Circuit Training

  • Personal Training

  • Nutrition

  • Aerobics

  • Legs Bums and Tums

  • BA Home Leisure Management

  • HND Leisure Management

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • RSA Exercise to Music

  • Metafit Instructor

  • Nutrition

  • Diet and Exercise

  • Fitness Level: Metafit Instructor, RSA Exercise to Music, Personal Training Level 3, Nutrition.


'Anyone who can not only persuade me to try circuit training but also make it enjoyable is frankly a miracle worker! Most important for me is that Katie's classes are fun so exercise is not a chore. Makes all the difference in the world!'

Claire Wood

I have been going to Katie's circuit classes for about 2 years now .Always lots of energy and motivation and classes never the same format ,so it doesn't get boring .Just the right amount of motivation and encouragement from Katie !

Amanda Wheeler

I started Metafit on a 1-2-1 basis as was a bit scared of joining a class, that was over 12 months ago now. I gained the courage to join one of Katie's classes too and absolutely love the fact that each session is different, exciting and fun. I feel fitter, and love my new 'metafit legs'!! After each 30 minute workout, I feel I've had a great workout and so does my body, plus the calories keep burning hours after. Katie is an amazing, positive, inspirational trainer and I love Metafit. Thank you so much Katie x

Suzanne Lane

Katie is a great teacher and motivator. Her classes are fun and fast. I feel so much fitter, stronger and healthier and am an avid fan of her classes.

Mel Evans

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