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Tracy Cooke

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I’m a results-driven trainer combining motivation with extensive fitness knowledge to help clients achieve their goals. One of my jobs as a personal trainer is to educate and equip my clients with the tools to maximise their potential, achieve and set new fitness goals; inspiring them to lead a strong and healthy lifestyle. We'll work together to get the specific results you crave, by implementing exercise and nutrition programmes based on your individual body type, lifestyle, and goals. In order to meet increased demand in our lives, we must systematically build and strengthen muscles, improve heart and lung fitness, bone density and joint function to protect from weakness and injury. Any form of stress that prompts discomfort has the potential to expand our capacity, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, as long as it is followed by adequate recovery. "Your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own, so take the necessary steps towards developing a better you. Call today to book your FREE Consultation


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  • £60 / hr per session

  • Please Contact me for Rates and Packages
  • One to One
  • Couples
  • Online Training Available
  • Sport (Deep Tissue) & Remedial Massage Therapy

North West London

Swiss Cottage

Primrose Hill

Belsize Park

Brondesury Park

Queen's Park

West Hampstead

  • Fat loss and Tone

  • Weight Management

  • Muscle Gain

  • Sports Conditioning

  • Corrective Exercise

  • Mobility and Flexibility

  • Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage

  • Advanced Personal Training Diploma

  • Body Type Nutrition Coaching

  • Exercise Referral Diploma

  • Suspension Fitness

  • Padwork

  • Sports Conditioning

  • Indoor Cycling

  • Exercise to Music

  • Outdoor Fitness

  • First Aid Training

  • Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage Therapist

  • Fitness Level: REPS - Advanced Personal Training Diploma, Level 3, BETEC Level 5

  • Registration No: R0098958


"I have been training with Tracy for the past 6 months. I sought out her expertise because despite going to the gym 3/4 times a week I was getting nowhere: I wanted to tone up, increase my energy levels and overall fitness and like most women lose weight and it wasn't happening! This soon all changed training with Tracy. I've lost weight (10 kilos and still counting!) and dropped my body fat percentage, while increasing my strength and cardio levels. I am much leaner and have definition. I always felt that personal trainers were a luxury but having one has really made a dramatic difference in my health and fitness levels in a very short space of time. It isn't just the weight loss that has inspired me to continue on my journey, but the overall way I feel. After training with Tracy I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life and I feel healthier than ever!"

Dr. Aoife Brady

I have been training with Tracy since January 2014 and it has been fantastic. Her workouts are focused on me and my needs - and they are so incredibly varied and refreshing - I never ever get bored and I always look forward to our next session. She has also made me think very differently about what I eat - her nutrition guidance when combined with our workouts is really helping me move closer towards achieving my goals of becoming fitter, stronger and and losing weight. I have been feeling so much better both mentally and physically since I have been working with Tracy - before that I lacked focus in my work outs and wasn't enjoying the gym and had given up a bit. Tracy really helped me get back on track in so many ways, and now I really love working out again.

Joanna Furniss

"Tracy has been a great support and motivator. With her help I have been able to reach goals I never thought possible, mostly because being a student in a foreign country is never easy. She offered me a tailored programme that suited my needs and possibilities: just when you think you're getting comfortable with an exercise, she'll show you a new programme that will help you progress even faster! Not only that, she also taught me to eat the right things and portions, as well as food combos. Thanks to her, I am sure I'll keep progressing constantly. Moreover, she is an excellent person who will always offer a helping hand and listen."

Alicia Grayeb

“Working with Tracy has been a most rewarding experience. As a mother of a 3 year old, pregnant with my second child and still working full time, it’s difficult to find the hours in the week and the motivation to stay fit. Tracy has made it a fun endeavour and has helped me believe it is achievable. Her commitment, enthusiasm and flexibility have made it a pleasure to work with her. She has adapted my training programme to suit the different stages of pregnancy which has helped me stay active throughout. I look forward to utilising her expertise and support in getting back into shape post delivery!"

Dr. Janet Stowell

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