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Everyone should be able to be sociable and enjoy different cuisines every night, whether you are cooking at home or going out for something special. No matter what your goal is, you can go out with friends and family to well-known restaurants and enjoy the occasion without worrying about blowing your diet. It’s just knowing what to have.

Yes, it’s fine to go out to these restaurants for a treat meal and eat whatever you want. If you’ve put in the effort for the rest of the week, you deserve this moment of indulgence whilst still keeping on track towards your goal in general.


But sometimes you don’t have to go out and have a treat; and sometimes you may have more than one social occasion in the diary that week where you’ll have the entire menu at your disposal but with the want to stay on track with your diet.

There is always confusion at restaurants where you think you may be ordering the ‘healthy’ option; but without knowing it you may be ordering something that’s ‘confit’…a.k.a. submerged in its own rendered fat. It may taste great, but it may not be too great for your hard earned physique and diet.

This series will give you the best options to order at various well-known restaurants to keep you on track with your diet so you never have to worry about what the best choice is for health and fitness.


Nando’s is actually one of the better places to eat out whilst staying on track with your diet, but you still need to know where to cut some corners to avoid the hidden fats.



Tip: As ever, olives are the best choice, but these chicken options are also lower in calories. However, to make them even better choices, avoid the skin as much as you can as it only provides your body with the seldom useful saturated fat.

Spicy Mixed Olives / 3 Chicken Drumsticks / Chicken wings

THE IMPOSTERS: Houmous with Peri-Peri drizzle / Peri-peri nuts – Nuts and humous are great choices for snacks everyday, but here the added oil and portion sizes make them a highly calorific choice with both having nearly 800 calories per portion.



Peri-Peri Chicken – any of these flamed grilled main chicken options are good when you avoid the skin. Ordering the ‘best’ to ‘worst’ cuts: breast/butterfly, drumstick, leg, thighs, wings. Then judge the portion size based on your body weight and goals.

Quinoa Salad  – with sweet potato and avocado chunks, piccolo tomatoes, cucumber, crisp salad leaves and a good sprinkling of feta cheese, sesame & roasted seeds. Really good size and not expensive. Just add chicken breast for better protein content; don’t add extra halloumi or avocado as the fat content is already at the right level.

Mediterranean Salad – piccolo tomatoes, cucumber, celery, sweet peppers and mixed leaves in paprika dressing. Sprinkled with olives and feta cheese. Once again a really good size and not expensive. Just add chicken breast for better protein content and again don’t add extra halloumi or avocado.

Pitta with Grilled Chicken or Veggie – out of all the burger, pitta and wrap options, these are the lowest in calories, sugar and fat; but look to avoid if you go in the evening for unnecessary white carbs.

THE IMPOSTERS: Wraps / Caesar Salad – wraps are normally a good choice for light lunches but here they are more calorific than the pittas. Caesar Salads are always a red herring. The sauce, croutons and ‘tangy cheese’ turn basic healthy ingredients into a calorie fest.



Chargrilled Veg / Macho Peas / Mixed Leaf Salad / Sweet Potato Wedges / Spicy Rice – avoid the extra dips for the wedges and, along with the spicy rice, keep it for lunchtime only as a general rule and share them.


Not great choices but some better than others. Move to coffee and tea to finish the meal. The better choices are vanilla frozen yoghurt at 70 calories per serving, and out of the cakes, the Naughty Natas – Portuguese custard tart – which at 174 calories per serving has fewer calories and fat content than vanilla ice cream with the same sugar content.


Pizza Express / Nando’s / Prezzo / Wagamama / Pret a Manger / Frankie & Benny’s / Zizzi / All Bar One & more


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