4 Reasons You’ll Fail At Running Your Own Business

Just because you want to run your own personal training business, doesn’t mean you will succeed.

Sometimes it is better to ask yourself why you will fail, then why you want to run a business. This is not so you will be put off, and run for the hills, but to get you to focus on what it will take not to fail.

The following are the reasons I wanted to run my own personal training business, but each one of them threw up obstacles, and nearly caused me to fail.

1.Being my own boss

I am an independent soul at heart, and the thought of working for someone else, and being told what to do, does not appeal to me. So working for myself and running my own business, is the right environment for me to achieve what I want from life.
The challenge with being your own boss though, is that you have no one to answer to, and be made accountable to. Working for someone else provides that accountability and structure which is needed to achieve business goals.

Solution: Seek professional advice and support from some one who is experienced in the PT industry, and then communicate with them what your plan is, and the actions you need to take to achieve it. Friends and family are also a good source of accountability.

2.Managing my own time

The joy of deciding how to spend your time, is one of the biggest benefits of being self-employed. The problem is, do you end up using that time effectively?
Just because you have time, doesn’t mean you will use it wisely. If you are not careful, you will end up wasting time and not progressing in your business.

Solution: Set yourself deadlines, and keep to them. Get yourself a diary that allows you to colour code the different tasks you have set yourself. This will allow you to easily see how your week is mapped out, and highlight times that could be used more effectively.

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