Who Else Wants a Good Nights Sleep?

Having a good night’s sleep is so important, I know so many people that just aren’t getting enough. Whether it be they are not prioritising it, or find that they can’t sleep for one reason or another.

Are you stressed? Do you find it hard to drop off? No matter how tired or exhausted you are, you just can’t manage to drop off? When you do finally drop off the alarm is going off and it’s time to get up!

Here are some great ways to get a better nights sleep and aid you falling asleep without using sleeping pills.

  • No caffiene after 2pm, this doesnt just mean coffee and tea – I mean fizzy drinks too. There are caffeine free tea bags and coffee and they taste just as good, without making your brain go into over drive.
  • Steer clear of electronics for 2 hours before you go to bed. This includes the TV, iPhones, iPads and Kindles. Try getting in to a bed time routine which works well to wind you down naturally.  For instance taking a nice long bath and setting your self up for the next day can help with a sound night sleep.
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking will aid your sleep as they are stimulants. You may feel after a bottle of while you go to sleep easier, however the quality of sleep is lacking as you have comatosed yourself rather than gone into a sound deep sleep.
  • Your lifestyle will determine what you need to do before bed to ensure your day gets off to the best possible start. I make my mid morning snack for myself and my hubby (usually chopped fruit with greek yogurt and mixed nuts), I lay out my gym kit and set my alarm for 6am (making sure I have to get up out of bed to turn it off!)
  • Having a brain that will just not switch off can be a burden, you will think of things that are quite important and you hope you will remember then the next day right? Then you worry abou forgetting them and then think of some more things you need to do and its a viscious cirle. So try this, before bed sit down with your partner and discuss what you both need to do over the next few days. Delegate and assist eachother where possible. Also having a note pad in your bed side drawer is handy if you remember something so you can write it down knowing you will have it there in the morning to sort.
  • Children can play a HUGE part in whether you get to sleep at a reasonable hour and determine whether you get to sleep all the way through or not. Childrean need stability and routine, they feel safe when they have this. Building a solid routine for your children is essential in ensuring that you and the children are getting enough sleep. Since a very young age my daugher has known after her tea time its wind down time, which means sitting reading or playing quietly. Then its up for a bath and get ready for bed with a story in bed and maybe a song then its sleep time. She usually just goes straight to sleep and only hear from her if she is ill or has a nightmare. Instilling these routines early are good for the parents and the child. Everyone knows where they stand and gets a good nights sleep.
  • Try not to exercise just before bed time as it waskes up up gets your blood pumping which is the opposite to what you want when you need to sleep.
  • A trick a friend told me a few years ago which works wonders is; lay on your bed facing upwards, concetrate on breathing deeply and listening to the quiet. Then go around our whole body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and imagine each body part turning off and going to sleep. Its a brilliant tool which has you thinking about winding down and not your to do list while relaxing you ready to drift off in to the land of nod.
  • The old faithful of hot milk before bed can work too, I wouldnt suggest hot cocoa as the high sugar content will stimulate you.

If you have any more tips that work for you then please share, there are other ways such as spraying lavender on you pillow or listening to white noise however I have not tried these personally.

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Have a great nights sleep and dream big!




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