Ok, so perhaps this blog would have been much better placed leading up to the summer months. However, I wanted to emphasise that during the winter it will be much more beneficial to add layers of clothes rather than just layers of fat.

As I’m sure you’ve realized the title of this short blog is in fact only a bit of a joke and I hope none of you have actually gone and spent any of your hard earned cash on that extra strong sticky tape!!!

The reasoning and science behind this quirky strange title is in fact very true.

Everybody has abs, fact.

Seeing them however is a completely different matter and the question:

‘How can I get washboard abs?’

is quite possibly the most commonly asked question in the fitness industry.

The answer to this is quite simple….nutrition.

Whereas I understand the importance of abdominal exercises to build what many people claim to be the holy grail of the body, nutrition is what most people fail to realize is the key to revealing your abs & achieving that ‘ripped’ look.

In fact, I will go even further and state that the correct nutritional approach is fundamental in achieving any lean gains wherever it may be on your body. You can train as hard and as intensely as you physically can but if you are continuing to eat highly processed, high sugar and quite frankly, a nutrient void diet plan you will NOT get results. I repeat….

You will NOT get results, fact.

Thus, a great way to start to be on a better path to making your abs ‘ pop’ and turn heads when either your donning a bikini (girls only I hope) or taking your shirt off, is a diet rich in  lean protein ( chicken, turkey, extra lean beef mince, fish),  green vegetables and complex carbohydrates ( oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes). Basically, whole natural foods the earth created NOT man-made garbish!

Rather than going for those quick, convenience foods that are high in saturated fat , sugar and salt, try making your food up in bulk. i.e. cook a little more at dinner and consume for lunch the following day.

Another great step to take is ensuring your water intake is sufficient. I’m sure you are aware that water is essential for all the chemical reactions that occur within your body in order to function but sufficient water intake will also help curb cravings and satisfy hunger.  H20 also aids in the metabolization of fat.

So, to be on the correct path for creating that head turning look during these winter months ( & at that Christmas party!) , make sure you:

  • Address your nutrition including foods listed above whilst excluding what I refer to as ‘man made garbish’
  • Increase your daily water intake ( aim 2-3Litres)
  • Overall calorie intake is in a slight deficit ( no more than >500cals per day, as this will have repercussions later with your metabolism and prevent further weight/fat loss)
  • Train your abs first in a training session. Many people add them into the end of a session and half-heartedly go through the exercises as they are fatigued from the training session. If this is an area you seriously wish to develop, change your session up a bit and train them first when you are fresh, muscles are  glycogen (energy store in muscle) rich and then reap the rewards.

Yours in  a healthy & happy mind, body & soul,



Laura Jane Williams
Top Local Trainer Author
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