The Surprising Key Too Successful Dieting (It’s Not Food Or Exercise…)

How’s your social life? What’s your family like? Are your colleagues nice or annoying?

Bear with me – there’s a reason for asking all this on a fitness page.

Your support network is going to be HUGE as you move forward with your weight loss or fitness journey. In fact, I’d go so far as saying it could make or break it.

Losing weight is tough. Getting fit is hard. Both can be fun – and are definitely rewarding – but they take guts and determination. And it’s a day in, day out thing. This isn’t a quick fix. You’ve started something which is going to take up a lot of your time and focus.

Do the people around you support you?

Imagine two scenarios and tell me which one will be more successful:

John (<<< made up name!) decides enough is enough. It’s time to lose the extra 3 stone he’s been carrying around since his kids were little. He can remember being fit enough to play 5-a-side once a week and go out running at the weekend. But right now he can’t even get into his old work suits. He’s fed up. And he’s FIRED up! He really, really wants to do this. He’s excited and ready to go. He hires a PT (a rather good one called Top Condition PT, as it goes…) The PT helps him sort out his diet, get healthier, and start training again. He even looks up his local footie team… just for the future, you understand.

But John’s wife isn’t interested in making any changes to the family’s food. She doesn’t want to eat his new healthy meals and says she can’t cook something different for him, her, and the teenagers too. When John talks to her about how much he squatted in today’s PT session, she says she’s bored of hearing about it. John’s best mate doesn’t have time to listen to him. And his colleagues just mock him about the healthy lunches he brings to work. They’re constantly on at him: “just come out for one drink after work, you can have one surely?”

In a parallel life, John’s wife is really pleased that he’s finally ready to sort out his weight and his health. She’s been quietly worried about him for years. She asks to see his nutrition and diet info, and they cook healthier family meals together. She doesn’t quite understand all his gym talk, but she loves going for long walks with him in the evenings. It gives them time to talk! His best mate has been inspired by John (imagine that – he’s inspiring someone!) and has even asked for the PT’s contact info. And his colleagues have suggested that they start a company football team. John even made it into the email newsletter last month for his weight loss success!

Which version of John is likely to make better progress?

So today, I’d ask you to take a look at the level of support you get from your partner, kids, parents, best mates, colleagues and social group. Are they supporting you or standing in your way?

Let me know if you need any extra support from me.

Tony Cottenden
Top Local Trainer Author
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