Elite method for amazing body composition – Workout 2!

Many people think that they don’t have enough time for the gym and that workouts take too long. So try this fat burning circuit 4 mornings a week. It’ll get you fitter, stronger and help you drop body fat while increasing lean muscle. Not only that but it should take you less than 30 minutes!


Workout 2:

Workout 2 targets the muscles in a different way than the previous workout. It’s important to alternate 1 and 2 workouts, perhaps performing as a 2 days on, 1 day off training schedule.


  • Sumo deadlift 8-12 reps: Focus your eyes 10 degrees above the horizon during the lift.
  • Cable horizontal split stance cable push 8-12 reps: Your front foot should take most of the weight.
  • Wide grip chin ups (or lat pulldown) 8-12 reps: Elevate rib cage while pulling
  • Squat press with dumbbells 8-12 reps: Eyes 10 degrees above horizon and TVA activation is essential.

1 minutes rest between circuits and because there are fewer exercises, perform for 6 sets this time!

Have a great workout!

Rupert Hambly Health and Performance Team

Nutritional tip:

Avoid all sugar and processed grains after these sessions and go for a higher protein and healthy fat snack to maximise fat burning.

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