What you ought to know about your Personal Trainer

If you are on the verge of hiring a Personal Trainer(PT), make sure you read this Blog beforehand, I promise you will thank me!

Working with a PT can make or break your goals and can be the best thing you ever did. Or it can be a complete waste of money…let me give you some tips on what to look out for…

Do you know how long your PT has studied and where?

This is very important, you want to make sure that they have the relevant qualifications to ensure they can get you from point A to B safely. Without the correct qualifications your PT will not have Personal Liability insurance which is 100% required when working with the public. Just because someone is in great shape themselves it does not mean they are the best PT for you.

What are thier beliefs and philosophies?

There are some amazing PTs around that get some great results but if the way they work goes against everything you stand for or they have a protocol which does not agree with your lifestyle or choices then you are not going to get the results you deserve. Most PTs have a Facebook page or Website – make sure you do your homework. Read their Blogs and go through their posts, if this is someone that you can get on board with then great, if you are confused or feel belittled by their methods then what’s the point in working with them?
Do they practice what they preach?

It’s all well and good a PT telling you how you should live your life to be fitter and healthier but if they do not look like a picture of health (I don’t mean ripped) and don’t follow their own rules then; are they a hippocrite or do they not fully believe what they are asking you to do? I do realise that people’s perceptions of PTs are different I would take an educated assumption on thier lifestyle and ask them questions constantly. People do have high expectations of PTs too, we have the odd burger and drink too you know! After all we are human!

Are they constantly learning and updating their skills?

As we all know the world is constantly changing and we are learning new things. If your trainer gives you a generic plan to follow which he/she also gives to someone else then they are not giving you a PERSONAL service. Every person is different and unique so as PTs it is our job to constantly study and evolve with the times. If you ask your PT a question and they say “I don’t know” this is an opportunity for them to research and get back to you. If they give you some advice which doesn’t seem right then make sure you question it. We can’t be expected to know everything but giving incorrect advice is a big no no.

PTs have spent lots of time and money getting qualified and as a PT you are expected to be a master of a lot of trades just to name a few, marketing, writing and designing which are all very time consuming and for someone working for themselves time is money!

So what ever your goal make sure you find a PT that works well with you and you enjoy their company and are constantly learning from them.

If you have a quick question then by all means ask but don’t expect free workouts, nutritional guidance and advice without paying for it.

Hiring the right PT will be the best decision you have ever made, if they are a great fit then they will get the best out of you and you them. Achieving your goals will empower you and this will reflect in all aspects of your life. So what are you waiting for?!

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