Here’s the low down on goal setting and how to get it right

Goal setting, in all walks of life is very important. How do you know what you want to achieve if you

don’t set goals?

Due to setting unrealistic objectives people often fail in their goals. So many times I have heard

people say “My life long dream is to run a marathon”, which is a fantastic aim. That is until you ask

“What training are you carrying out?” or “Which marathon have you signed up for?” and you get a

blank response!! If you REALLY want something in life you must plan, not just regarding health and

fitness but in everyday activities such as housework, your job or even your personal relationships.

Things don’t just happen; you must put the effort in to succeed in your objectives.

Setting goals is the easy part…….achieving them is something else!

Your goal must follow the SMART principles:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time pertinent

Its all well and good saying “I want to run a marathon”, but you need to be more specific. Your goal

could be “I want to run the London Marathon in 2015” which follows the SMART principles as it

gives a timeframe allowing substantial time to train and prepare.

So now you need to set milestones for this long term goal, setting these smaller, more manageable

goals will make the goal you have set a lot less daunting. The next step is to take action, so

depending on your current fitness level you could start by running a few times a week. Maybe you

could sign up to a class, paying in advance making you more likely to attend.

Another great way to achieve your goal is to find a likeminded person with the same/similar goal to

you. This way you can support and motivate each other. Goals are not easily achievable; they take

hard work and dedication but with someone by your side, it is a lot easier.

As I said, goals do not have to be fitness based; here is how a financial goal could be


Vague example: I want to pay off my overdraft

SMART example: I want to pay off £1000 from my overdraft by September 2015 by putting aside

£100 each month.

Take action: Set up a direct debit from your current account to your savings account or reduce your

overdraft by £100 each month by calling your bank.

What are your current goals? Have you set any?

I would love to hear if you have found my blog helpful for your goal setting future!

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Have a great nights sleep and dream big!


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