How to Beat Belly Bulge the Right Way

The belly is often a problem area for both men and women. Its an area which can make you feel uncomfortable for many reasons. Whether you have a bloated belly, muffin top over your favourite jeans or a beer belly; I have a tried and tested methods you can introduce into your lifestyle today which will beat that bulge in no time!

So to wave goodbye to wearing your ‘fat’ jeans or  your roomy jumper follow my easy to follow guidlines.

Stop doing sit ups!

Ditch this exercises as they will not help you flatten your tummy. In order to reduce the fat around your abdomen you need to complete exercises which target general fat loss. Sit ups or crunches burn negligible calories and are only really show the fruits of your hard work if you ALREADY have low body fat percentage.

The exercises I recommend you do  engage your core and get your heart pumping, this is the best way to torch fat.  Doing a circuit of these with 30 seconds per exercise for 3-5 rounds can really spur on your fat loss.


There you have 10 exercises which aim to burn fat. Increasing your heart rate and getting your sweat on is the a great way to destress; as well as guarantee the digits on the scales to go down.

NB. Skipping can burn more calories than running! Why do you think boxers have it as an intergral part of their training program?

Ditch the Pop!

I’m talking fizzy drinks and other carbonated drinks not only do they have no nutritional value, if they can strip the dirt and grime off a penny – what are they doing to your insides? I mean, besides than giving you bloat! I’m not trying to scare you here, having the odd can of coke isn’t going to kill you but like everything its in moderation. If you are having one of these per day or more I suggest you cut back. If I am out and am not wanting to drink alcohol I will have a coke, its a little more exciting that drinking water. Also lots of pubs dont have bottled water and I only drink filtered water (Posh i know!!)

Switch your Salt

From working in a restaurant a big pet peeve of mine is people putting salt on their food without tasting it. Meals are seasoned by chefs and most every day cooks and it does not require any more salt, however it is a routine that people do and just shove it on regardless. Table salt is sodium chloride which is an unnatural chemical that the body recognises as ‘foreign’, we have to use alot of energy to metabolise it furthermore it dehydrates you and causes excessive bloating. Remember how you feel after a chinese takeaway? Buddha belly and waking in the night with dry mouth due to excess salt is what happens to me!

Switching your table salt for Himalayan Pink Salt which actually promotes healthy balance and contains over 80 minerals and trace elements which are easily digested by our bodies.

Another way to avoid excess salt is to flavour your food with pepper or salsa which can give it an extra kick and doesn’t elevate your blood pressure.

Drink water like it’s your job

Many people are searching for the next quick fix like a magic pill/drink to elevate their weight loss. However it has already been discovered and you have access to it every day! Water is absolutely necessary for your body to function optimally. Not getting enough water contribute to weight gain and bloat, so why don’t we drink enough of it? I hear people say “I don’t really like water” ok but then when a <insert  disgusting FAD drink name here> comes on the market which is full of sugar and all other synthetic things which cause havoc to the body they are more than happy to drink it. If you dont like water because it’s too plain, add some fruit too it or have it hot with lemon or a herbal tea.
Aim to drink atleast 6-8 glasses per day – this is an average day, so if it’s hot or you are working out this needs to be increased accordingly. If you feel thirsty and your mouth is dry your body is already dehydrated, drink regularly throughout the day and don’t allow your body to get dehydrated otherwise it stops it being a fat burning furnace!

Avoid Fatty and Processed Foods

How do you feel after you have had  a greasy fry up, fish and chips or a plate of beige food? Be honest, because I can guarantee it’s not full of energy! You will feel bloated and uncomfortable, the lack of nutrients, excess salt and probably huge portion size does not coincide with a slim wasitline.

Banish the Podge

Eating to the point of bursting seems to be the norm. We eat until we physically cannot eat anymore and feel like we are about to pop. What happened to eating until you were full or satisfied instead of ready to burst! This can stem from many reasons, as children we were urged to finish our plates which makes us feel guilty and leaving food is wasteful. Portion size is intergral to your weight loss and eating enough to feed a small family will not help you in your goal. If eating at home use the smaller plates and once you are finished and want seconds, leave it 5 minutes and see whether you are ACTUALLY hungry or just being a little greedy!

Apple sauce trick

No I don’t mean eating apple sauce is a super food which aids fat loss! Chewing your food until it is the consistency of apple sauce is meant to be the optimal consistency for your body to digest your meal efficiently. Also not scoffing your dinner down like you are having race beats bloat as you don’t get excess air. So take your time and enjoy your food, eating is very sociable and it’s a great time to sit with the family and catch up. We eat atleast one meal a day together as a family and its lovely, remember not to talk with your mouth full – no one wants to see that!

Eat a balanced meal at EVERY meal

It is a well known term that ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!’ and I definately agree that it’s an important meal. One of the first things I work on with my clients is getting a decent breakfast which doesnt involve cereal or toast EVERYDAY! I just believe that every meal should be deemed important and thought through not just breakfast.

I focus every meal around my chosen protein and build around it. So if I choose chicken as my protein source I now choose an essential fat and carbohydrate source. Might seem a little boring but it means every meal has everything it needs so I could choose some new potatoes with green beans and drizzle with home made pesto.

Most people struggle with healthy fats – organic nut butter, avacado, olives, oily fish, coconut oil are my everyday items.

Be picky with your carbs

When the low fat diet was suggested by government guidlines we obedienty reduced with the premise of boosting health. Since then this has been debunked and it seems the new scapegoat is carbs!

So many people choose to drop carbs when they want to lose weight which is fine, but dont for one minute think its due to cutting out carbs. Its due to a CALORIE DEFICIT which ensures your waist slims down.

Long term fat loss is the best way to ensure you keep your weight down. A great way of doing this is to be more selective with your carbs choices as many people mainly eat REFINED carbs which have been made and pumped full or sugars and/or salts. So don’t ditch the carbs just choose nutritionally dense ones which contain essential nutrients and release their energy slowly to keep you fuller for longer.

A few ideas for you – wholegrain rices and pastas, root and starchy vegetables, fruits, oats and leafy greens and salads.

Get your daily dose of bacteria!

For good gut health and to ensure optimal digestive health you need to make sure you are getting your daily dose of probiotics. Most people think of live yogurt and we are eating more and more of it. Be careful when chosing your greek yougurt – you want to avoid greek ‘style’ as this is full of sugar and sweetners. Other foods which boost gut health are leeks, sauerkraut and pickles. If you do not get enough of this through your diet there are several probiotic drinks on the market just make sure you check the sugar content.

So these are my tried and tested methods which will reduce your belly bulge! The good thing as well as you can introduce these changes to your lifestyle right now and feel the benefits straightaway.

Let me know how you feel after a week of trying these lifestyle changes as this is what spurs me on to write these blogs.

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