How to spot a great personal trainer – Part 1


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So you know the story, you enter a gym, there’s twenty personal trainers working and you wonder how on earth you’re going to pick the right one for you. Well I’ll point out a few essentials to look for in a great trainer in the next few blogs…



A great trainer will be very concentrated on the form of their client at all times. I’m sure you’ve seen trainers checking their phone, flex themselves in the mirror and even eat while training their clients. A good trainer knows that form is everything and having complete focus on their clients exercise technique and giving them the support to drive and push through their barriers takes all the trainers concentration.

As you watch the trainers around you working, whether it be in the park or gym, see how they interact with their clients and if their focus is on them. If you see a trainer with less than 100% focus on their client, rest assured that they aren’t there to get you results.


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