Why Personal Trainers Need An Online Presence?

Hi Guys, Alex here from TopLocaltrainer.co.uk. I have had a lot of you personal trainers contact me recently regarding why personal trainers need an online presence, why they should be seen online and on social media. So I thought I would put together a quick presentation to talk through the facts and why you should have a presence online.

So starting from the top. In the UK there is around 36 million adults, of which 73% have access to the internet every day (2013). From that 72% of all adults bought goods and services online. When it comes to looking for a personal trainer, its no different.

Looking at social media, on Facebook there is 31million UK users, twitter has 15 million UK users and Linked in has 10 million Uk users.
Also on google there is over 45,000 people searching for a personal trainer each month. These figures are going up month by month.

So if you haven’t got a Facebook, twitter or linked in accounts you might want to create an account for your personal training business. You also want to think about getting on google and how to advertise and get in front of those 45,000 people looking got a personal trainer.

Now regarding how personal trainers get clients, there are three ways. Working in a gym / studio and talking to members and giving them advice, word of mouth from your current clients and the other way is by having a online presence. This means advertising online and by having a following on your Facebook or twitter page.

A couple of things to get going online. Step 1 – Create a free profile with www.toplocaltrainer.co.uk which will allow you to showcase your PT business all on one page. You can share this over social media and send it leads so they can see what you can do for them.
Step 2 – create a Facebook and or Twitter page for your personal training business. I would recommend creating both and then linking them to your top local trainer page.
Step 3 – when you have created your account make sure you upload all the relevant content, tips and images to attract clients.
Step 4 – Once you have created your pages then you need to invite your friends to follow or like your page. You can also ask them to share and invite their friends to your page.
Step 5 – Send out daily content that would help your followers.

If you have any questions or would like any more information please feel free to contact me on: alex@toplocaltrainer.co.uk. Hope you like it.

Greg Mikolap
Top Local Trainer Author