How to stay motivated during the winter

How to stay motivated during the winter months, when all you really want to do is curl up

It’s that time of year when a lot of people begin to feel lethargic and find it really difficult to train. It’s dark outside of work hours and the weather is cold and rainy, but maintaining a fitness routine during the winter is as important as ever. It will keep your immune system strong so you’ll be ready to fight off any nasty winter bugs and remember, party season is around the corner…………..

So, focus your efforts and follow my top 7 tips on how to stay motivated:

1. Find your best time of day

Early bird or night owl? From my experience most of my clients are either one or the other, so work to your strengths and don’t force yourself into that 7am circuits class if you know you’ll be much more into it at 7pm.

2. Invest in yourself

We tend to appreciate things more when we spend our hard earned cash, so book yourself into a class or PT session and make a financial investment in your fitness. To make life easier for my clients I offer the option of private sessions in their own homes. Schedule your workouts and treat them like an important meeting. You wouldn’t let your boss down, so don’t let yourself down.

3. Make yourself accountable

Find an exercise buddy so you can motivate each other. You’ll be less likely to cancel a workout if it means letting someone else down. Another great way to stay on course is to attend group classes such as Metafit or a running club. A lot of my clients tell me that they perform better when they’re working in a group and feel part of something greater than them.

4. Create the perfect soundtrack  

Research shows that listening to music you love whilst working out, can help you to push yourself harder than you normally would and burn 15% more calories. Choose high tempo tunes to get your blood pumping and don’t listen to it beforehand, keep it as your workout treat.

5. Dress the part

Dressing the part can provide much-needed encouragement to get out and get active. When you get dressed up for a night out you feel good, the same goes for exercise. If you’re running outdoors in the Winter you’ll need to stay warm and be visible, so treat yourself to some good running tights, a thermal top and reflective jacket. A lot of high street stores such as Primark and H&M do decent quality sportswear, so it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune.

6. Set yourself a goal

Whether your goal is to lose some weight before Christmas to make up for the planned indulgences or you want to enter a marathon, you will need small victories along the way to keep you motivated. It could be as simple as ‘running an extra minute’ or ‘attending 3 classes this week’, but meeting these mini goals will help you reach your big goal.

7. Enjoy it

In order to have a healthy sustainable relationship with your workout, it needs to be something that you actually like to do.  If you hate running simply don’t do it! You’ll waste your exercise time and it won’t last. Try HIIT sessions or a circuits class. The choices are endless and I sincerely believe that, with the right guidance, there is something for everyone.

If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Katie Tomkins

Katie Tomkins
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