“Wheying Up My Options”

The whey protein debate is one I find myself in a lot of the times with clients. There is nothing wrong with choosing to get all your protein needs from food source, but lets face the facts, it’s a lot easier to stick a protein powder package in your gym bag than a chicken breast, and protein powder makes a better smoothie than a steak.

Regardless of your individual goals, it’s important to get enough protein in your diet. Whey is a complete protein and contains all the amino acids the body needs on a daily basis for tissue repair. Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of protein for weight management and body composition as well as enhancing muscle growth and tone, boosting immune function and exercise recovery. It’s one of the highest-quality proteins you can consume, and it’s especially effective when taken around workouts. There are so many great ways to incorporate whey protein into your diet.

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Tracy Cooke
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