If we are not all the same then why are we told to eat the same diet?

By Angela Graham

Chek Exercise Coach. Elite Movement Specialist. HLC 2. Metabolic Typing Advisor.

  • Why are 35.7% of American adults obese?
  • Why are 26% of adults in the UK obese?
  • Why are nearly 26 million American suffering with Diabetes and 3 million in the UK?

Have you ever thought that the population is simply getting fatter, sicker, more diseased and more stressed than ever before?

Why is that when we have some of the best Doctors, surgeons, practitioners, nutrition experts in the world?

Did you know that Americans spend $40 billion a year on weight loss programs and products? So why does is it NOT working??

This is clearly a HUGE topic and there are many articles, research papers and opinions already out there so I simply wanted to start with simple food and nutrition and my own thoughts and experience on diet.

Food is our medicine and we are what we eat; which means we self medicate several times a day.

Most of us are lucky enough to have a choice about the foods we eat but is it the right choice? So many times do I hear “My diet is healthy” “I eat my 5 fruit and veg a day” “I only eat 1200 kcals a day” “I’ve switched from butter to margarine and milk to soy”. The list is endless. However, to be fair, most of those individuals believe they are making the right choice. So why is it when I ask them why they are seeing me and/or have they got the result they want? Do they feel better? Have they reduced cholesterol/BP, do all of them say NO and they don’t know why?

As a personal trainer who studied Health Related Exercise and Fitness at Leeds University back in 2004, we covered nutrition and a further year on sports nutrition. I was bemused when a huge portion of my clients did not achieve weight loss when I gave them general nutrition tips and advice. A lot of my clients still felt tired and lethargic even though I was advising them on what I had learnt during my university days. If I am honest I would also admit that even though I was also following my own diet advice and eating porridge for breakfast, salads or jacket potato for lunch and fish and rice for evening meal, I was also feeling fatigue and struggling with weight loss/toning. However saying that, the majority  of my clients felt great, amazing, improved health and vitality and lost weight.

I was confused.

After a few years and several qualifications later, the buzz word seemed to be metabolic typing.

I investigated further and discovered Bill Wolcott’s Metabolic Typing Book. After reading this and doing  several tests it was clear that although I was eating ‘Healthy’ I was NOT eating foods that were right for me and by that I mean fuelling my body.

It makes sense though right?? Why would my diet work for everyone else and the diet that my colleagues had learned about work for me? We are all so very different and unique, just like our finger prints. So our diets clearly should be more customised and personalised. A ‘one size fits all’ diet simply does not work.

“Metabolic Typing is the inherited patterns of biochemical and neurological strengths and weakness that defines metabolic individuality and express genetic potential-and dictate nutritional requirements.”

Bill Wilcott.

Metabolic Typing is customised nutrition that can help with chronic disorders as well as weight loss, improved self esteem and vast health improvements.

Bill Wolcott is universally recognised and is the world’s leading authority on Metabolic Typing .

There is so much research done on this topic and today’s article cannot possibly cover it all. However it is a fact that one food can stimulate one person and inhibit another. Have you heard that one man’s food can be another man’s poison? Paul Chek, founder of Chek seminars is also a firm believer that everyone has different nutritional requirements. He created a primal pattern diet which is based on research done by Dr. Western Price and several others. There is an abundance of research and evidence to support that we all have biochemical individuality and if we simply find out our unique metabolic type and eat foods that support our metabolism then we will be fuelling the fundamental homeostatic controls that are responsible for equilibrium and homeostasis in the body which in turn is responsible for health and vitality and prevention of disease.

If you are a trainer and have studied nutrition in the past I would strongly suggest investing in HLC 1 with Chek seminars and/or Metabolic Typing with health excel. Both are invaluable to your practice and inexpensive courses. If you are not a health professional and would be interested in knowing more about customised nutrition to help you reach your goals then you can simply get in touch with myself, or search on the Chek Practitioner/Metabolic Typing Advisor pages and look for someone local to you; although the plans can be done online.

Yours in health and vitality

Angela Graham.

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