Benefits of Group Training

Finding the motivation to work out several times a week is not easy. Strength training and cardio should be part of every fitness plan, but with group exercise you also get the support. Most participants will have been through the same fitness and weight struggles as you and more and more men are getting into it, so here are my top 5 reasons why group exercise should be added to your fitness program:

1. Structure

When you join a group class all the planning has been done for you. Not one minute of valuable time is lost. As an expert trainer, I structure the workout to provide a full body warm-up, progressive intensity and warm-down, so that your body works hard and there is minimal risk of injury.

2. Motivation

Working out alone can be tough as there will be times when you simply have an off day and don’t push yourself as much as you normally would. Group classes offer great motivation – firstly, you’ve got the instructor who should encourage you to push your limits, then there are the people around you. Just seeing them pushing themselves can motivate you to do better.

3. Variety

Group classes offer a huge variety of training options to add fun and specialised focus. For example, I offer boot camp, HIIT, legs, bums and tums, aerobics and circuit training. The classes can be indoors or outdoors and as a certified expert I can add the element of fun without the risk of injury. If you’re going to stick to an activity you want it to be enjoyable so I provide all the elements – mixing with like-minded people, engaging activities, good leadership and sweat!

4. Challenge

One of the main reasons that people don’t get the results they want, is that they don’t challenge themselves enough. You won’t get that in a group class. Everyone may be at different levels but you will be challenged to work harder – especially by me. You’ll want to keep up with the rest of the class and you may even aim to be the top performer of the class. Whichever it is you will not be allowed to just coast along.

5. Form and Regularity

Some gym goers develop bad exercise form, but in a group class help is permanently on hand. I ensure that my clients perform any movement in the correct way so that they achieve good results and avoid injury.

The key to fitness is regularity and when you become a member of group training you are noticed……and so is your absence. This will offer you the push you need to get you out of the house. The built-in accountability is what makes a lot of my clients stick with their fitness regime a lot longer than if they were sole gym goers.

So, there it is – group training offers a cost-effective way to benefit from the expertise of a professional trainer. You will learn new exercise techniques and better form and in the process, will learn how to work your body properly. For details on any of my classes just get in touch.

Katie Tomkins

Katie Tomkins
Top Local Trainer Author
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