Having been around Gyms and trained myself for the last 5 years. I have seen many different training programs and techniques. But the one thing that I constantly see in every gym that I train at is a lack of technique when lifting weights.


People just seem to throw the weights around like rag dolls. It is extremely important for Muscle hypertrophy/growth, that you are controlling the weight and making sure that you can feel that muscle working! A famous quote by Milos Sarcev is if you lose pain during a set find it again! You need to find ways and different techniques to stimulate muscle growth, Its not a easy process. But if you do it right the results will come.


On some workout plans you may find a series of numbers that follow the exercise. This refers to the tempo of that lift. Its not just about picking up a barbell and getting as many reps as possible. The first number is the lowering of a lift for example the decent of a squat or lowering of the bar towards your chest on a bench press. This part of the lift is crucial for muscle hypertrophy. Don’t rush It!

The second number of the lift refers to a pause at the stretched position, for example at the bottom of a bicep curl. The 3rd number refers to the speed of the lift, this is normally a quick/explosive movement. The last number refers to the pause at the top,  a concentric pause, for example a when you pinch your shoulder blades together on a seated row or at the top of a dumbbell bench press.


Tempo is a factor that is so easily overlooked but in fact it is crucial in resistance training. So next time you are training take a second to think about the tempo of your lifts. Create a mind muscle connection, for example before your about to do a bench press focus on the chest and while your doing the exercise make sure you can feel that chest contracting and working. If you cant it may be a sign that the weight is too heavy or your technique is off.  Don’t just pick up the bar and start swinging it around. If your main goal is lean muscle growth your sets should be taking around 40 seconds not 10 seconds!




Happy Lifting

Joe from SJFitness


Top Local Trainer Author