Secrets Detox companies don’t want you to know

There are severeal detox plans which tend to surface throughout the year when people are feeling particularly bloated.

The problem with these calorie restricting, meal replacement magical cure detox drinks; they do NOT assist in making you healthier by ridding so called toxins which are in your body.

These detox plans actually severely reduce your overall health albeit while the pounds on the scales reduce, from lack of water retention.

I have had the unfortunate pleasure of trying Juice Plus, before I was educated in nutrition and desperate to lose my baby weight and I have never felt so awful.

This was a time when I was lacking sleep but wanting to feel more confident by losing some pounds but I ended up making myself poorly.

The Juice Plus plan promised to give my body 17 vitamins and minerals and would have me feeling energised while shedding weight…

It did deliver on SHORT TERM weight loss however I was phsically drained from having 2 meal replacments which totalled less that 300 calories per drink and had my mouth drier than ghandi’s flip flop!

I didn’t have the energy for a workout that was for sure! I had constant headaches from dehydration and the moods would rival a demonic person hands down!

I was constantly hungry and felt sick I wanted food so much. I stuck to the guildines of the plan and I honestly couldn’t hack it after a few days. The scales had reduced considerably (7lbs) but I felt weak and tired.
This was one of the reasons I persued a career in Health & Fitness as I felt what the magazines and papers were telling us was only leading us to failure. I have never been obese, however I have felt fat in myself. I wanted to find away to lose excess fat without needing to starve myself or spend hours in the gym.

These are my tried and tested methods which have aided me to drop fat and detox my body after a heavy days (partying or on holiday etc.)

The BEST way to DETOX the body is through wholesome food. NOT a drink which is man made! Replacing meals with liquid forms for more than one meal will have you feeling hungry.

I would recomend you reduce/cut out:

  • Takeaway Food
  • Fast Food
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Processed Food
  • Caffeinated/Stimualting Drinks

Seems simple right? You would not believe how many people believe they have good diet, however it is high in refined carbs and high sugary processed foods!

I would have more of:

  • Mixed Fruit Smoothies/Fruit Platters
  • Home Made Soups
  • Water (at LEAST 2 litres)
  • High protein meals
  • Oily Fish
  • Small amount of Good Fats (organic peanut butter, olives, coconut oil, avacado)

Again sounds so simple, however alot of people tend to cook what they “fancy” and that normally leads to eating low nutrtionally dense meals which do not offer a balance diet.

If your liver and kidneys are fully functioning then your’re detoxing right now!! So the best way to aid your body in detoxification is to eliminate the foods above which cause havoc to your system and to EXERCISE!

Exercising speeds up your metabolism and ensures your body runs more efficiently. So sign yourself up to local Bootcamp, Spinning Class or hire a PT/coach as this will ensure you get the best workouts for you. It will avoid you heading to the gym and dawdling around between the apparatus not knowing where to start!

The ONLY way to be healthier is to make changes for LIFE! There’s no point going on a diet or detox program and then going back to your old ways. Yes I want to lose the weight to put it all straight back on again…! It’s a complete waste of time, money and uneccessary heartache in my opinion.

So unless you can do a diet/program FOREVER it’s actually not worth starting!

I am a Ditch the Diet coach for Oxfordshire and we move away from eating good/bad foods and educate on moderation rather then restriction and deprivation which avoids binge eating and guilt association. Find out more here >>

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