Facts every personal trainer needs to know before accepting a personal training job

Facts every personal trainer needs to know before accepting a personal training job

As a newly qualified Personal Trainer starting out in the industry, understanding the various PT models and gym operators methodology behind Personal Training can be a bit of a minefield! At TLT we have put together some fundamental areas ALL Personal Trainers should consider before accepting a personal training job in the fitness industry.

So here are the core facts every personal trainer needs to know before accepting a personal training job. We have kindly split this into the main four areas influencing your decision making when it comes to the role:

1 The Members

How many members does the gym have? Can you get any statistics on usage i.e. how many attendances the gym has per week or month?

Its vital to know how many members the facility has and crucially the actual usage figures. Clearly a facility with a higher footfall should lead increased productivity and engagement with PT customers.

How many members do they sign up every month? Ask for their sales figures i.e. how many new members are joining each month and how many are leaving!

The key here is to have an understanding that the facility membership is growing positively. The higher the number of new members the better. People are more inclined to be open to personal training when they join as they are new to the facility and have made the decision that something is their life needs to change in regards to way they look and feel.

Is personal training promoted at the point of membership sale?

If this a yes then you will have a natural lead flow coming in and if its a no then you might need to work a bit harder to get the leads coming in. Ask questions around the process and how any enquiries are distributed to the Personal Trainers.

Have an understanding of the demographic within the facility.

Make sure you ask questions in terms of the percentages, for example ask how many members are male and female, peak members or off peak members, over 55’s, concessionary, swim only, corporate and minors. The main question is do the percentages fit your target market.

2. The Personal trainers:

How many personal trainers are currently operating at the facility and what is the agreed ratio of PT’s:Members

Understand the current position in terms of volume of PT’s and how many are planned to join the facility

What is the average trainer length of stay?

Find out how long the Personal Trainers usually stay in operation at the facility but, even though this statistic is important, you should not let it alter your vision that you can succeed.

Ask to have a chat with current Personal Trainers.

There is no harm in asking to have a chat with the current operating Personal Trainers to gauge their feelings towards their current employer and if there is anything you should know before you accept their offer!

How much do personal trainers charge?

Price point affects your business planning and what you could potentially earn so always ask if there are restrictions on what you can charge to ensure a fair playing field and eliminating a price war!

3. The Support & marketing

What support do the personal trainers get?

Support is key when your starting out. Its always good to have someone you can talk to and get feedback on what your doing and if there is anything you can do to improve on. You are 300% more likely to succeed with a coach/mentor than without. Ask how the support / mentoring is structured and do you have to travel to access the support.

Training and CPD.

Does the support package include accredited training and development.

What marketing do personal trainers get?

How are personal trainers promoted? Ask questions around online and in-facility promotion and do you have to pay for it?

4. The Business Model – What Is The Personal Training Job?

Understanding the business model you are about to be involved with is crucial and we have listed the options below:

Self employed and giving free gym hours:

Are there any start up costs?
How many free hours do you need to work?
Are there any tasks involved within the free hours?
What time of the day will the free hours be and will they be in peak PT times?
What is the length of contract?
How can you progress in the role?

Self employed paying gym rent:

Are there any start up costs?
How much is the rent?
Is this paid weekly or monthly?
How many paid PT sessions will it take for you to pay the gym rent and begin making a profit?
Do you receive a free period in operation before the rent becomes due?
What is the length of contract?
How can you progress in the role?

Employed position:

What is the basic pay?
Is there a commission available?
How do you earn commission and what are the targets?
How can you progress in the role?


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