How to spot a great personal trainer – part 2



Here’s another short snippet of information to look for in a trainer.




If your potential trainer of choice has been with the majority of their clients for some time and the clients have progressively got results in their area of choice, whether it be body composition, postural correction or performance for their sports, then you’re onto a winner. The skill it takes in the plethora of areas to help a client reach their goals is incredible when dealing with some of the more complex cases.


For a great trainer (and if you follow their coaching advice of course), it’ll take a good 12 weeks to get an amazing result safely. Anything less than that to get a great result can be far too stressful for the body in most people unless you’ve been involved in rigorous training in your past and have a relatively relaxed work schedule.


Remember a good trainer knows what works as they have the experience and skills mastered, so all you have to do is follow the plan.


Have a great week and hope you’re goals are nearer than ever!


Rupert Hambly

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