Nutrition: How I Got Into Photo-Shoot Shape Eating Reece’s Chocolate Bars

I’m a Personal Trainer. I also eat “junk food”. Surprised? Don’t be – here’s why it makes sense. A funny thing happens when you become a fitness professional. People assume you eat healthy all the time. They ask what you’re having for lunch, what you ate for breakfast. They apologise about their own food (and drink) choices in front of you. They feel the need to justify their own decisions. Newsflash: I do NOT eat healthy food 100% of the time! In fact, here are my favourite junk food treats in order of deliciousness: Reece’s chocolate bars (you know, the peanut buttery ones) Carrot cake (must have buttercream icing) Cookies (any, but the big soft bakery-style ones score high)

Why am I telling you this? It’s not to encourage you to eat carrot cake every week. Because that could take you further away from your goals. And I’m here to help, not hinder. But it’s to tell you that a little bit of junk food… in moderation… from time to time CAN be part of a healthy, fit, lean lifestyle. It’s about realistic balance, not extremes.

So why do I eat chocolate bars, cake, and cookies a couple of times a week? It’s to keep me on track with the rest of my diet, so I don’t feel restricted and then give in to the inevitable binge. It’s so I can enjoy social occasions with my wife and family (we love stopping off at coffee shops at the weekend). The truth is that you CAN fit treat foods and junk food into your diet and still get lean. In fact, I got photo-shoot lean whilst still eating some of that stuff. I just didn’t eat much of it, and didn’t eat it very often. But I had it often enough to keep me sane on a fat loss diet! Ultimately, including those foods meant I actually got to my goal in better shape and in a better state of mind.

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Tony Cottenden
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