TOP 5 – Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

What can I enjoy on my night out? 

So, it’s Friday afternoon, my head begins the switch from work brain to weekend brain. I’ve been doing really well this week with training and diet and don’t want to ruin all my progress by hitting booze hard this weekend; however the lure of the taste and de-stressing qualities of alcohol are hard to resist at this stage of the week!

What can I do? I don’t want to cause too much damage to my health and fitness regime but still want to hit it hard for the weekend.

If you have the same problems as me, then keep reading and you will find my thoughts and results on the lowest calorific drinks to cause the least amount of damage over the weekend!

Top 5! 

5. Captain Morgans and Diet Coke – 92 Cals, 2 Carbs

Kicking us off with just 2g of carbohydrates is Captain Morgans Spiced Rum with Diet Coke. At 92 calories it’s the highest of our top 5 but is still relatively low compared to the average 182 calories found in a pint of lager. Not a bad start!


4. Glass of Red Wine – 86 Cals, 0 Carbs

Although it’s given me some pretty horrendous headaches in the past due to its higher amounts of congeners (byproducts of the fermentation process), red wine actually weighs in at number four with only 86 calories. There are of course hundreds of red wines with different nutritional values but the amount in this bottle is a good average.


3. Jack Daniels on the rocks – 78 Cals, 0 Carbs

JD with no mixer at all, just a few cubes of ice! Well we wouldn’t want to ruin the taste would we?

For later on in the evening a relaxing JD with ice will only set you back 78 calories and will probably cost you less than our top 2 too!


2. Vodka and Sugar Free Red Bull – 74 Cals, 3 Carbs

To wake us up again after the red wine and JD were going to smash down a couple of Vodka and Red Bulls! All we need to do is swap our regular Red Bull with the sugar free option and we’ve got a light weight 74 calories and 3g of carbs. Will act as a good boost to keep us going too!


1. Gin and Slim Line Tonic – 44 Cals, 0 Carbs

Here it is! Number 1 on the list! Good old Gin and slim line or diet tonic. Averaging 44 calories per serving and absolutely no carbs, sugars or fats, this drink is the ultimate when trying to keep your health and fitness on track while still having a big night out! You might as well be drinking air! Ok, maybe not air, that’s pushing it a bit, but of all the alcoholic options it’s the best you can do without just swigging straight from the spirits bottle (which we definitely don’t recommend).



If you’re like me and you can’t resist a refreshing beer or two to start your evening then your best bet is always Coors Light. At 102cals and 5g of carbs in a 330ml bottle you can’t really go wrong. Just don’t stay on them all night! They taste great as well so be careful, you’ve been warned!

So there we have it, 5 top drinks that won’t harm your work out regime too much. Enjoy your weekend!

Unless your reading this during the week and your one of those people who can handle going out for drinks on a work night, in that case, good luck tomorrow morning!

If anyone has any suggestions or comments they’re always appreciated.

Nick McPherson
Top Local Trainer Author
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