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Complex carbohydrates provide you with slow release energy. Carbohydrates are digested to replenish the energy stores in your muscles, liver and blood allowing you to function optimally both physically and mentally.

Myth: You can have as many complex carbohydrates as you like as they are ‘good’ carbs

Truth: Yes, they are good carbs. Because of their high fibre and low insulin producing properties, they will not make you directly susceptible to storing fat. However, as with all foods, too much of something can be detrimental to your cause. If your goal is to keep fat off, then too many complex carbohydrates will mean you put on fat. The trick is knowing the balance. If your aim is for a healthy lifestyle, then choosing complex carbohydrates over chips and white bread is the perfect option.

Complex carbohydrates provide about ~4 calories per gram


The Shopping List

Brown rice

Wholemeal bread

Wholemeal pasta

Sweet Potato







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