How Successful PTs Became Successful

The more I think about it, if I came into the personal training industry today, instead of 15 years ago, I am not sure I would have been as successful.
Back in the late 90’s the number of personal trainers in our industry was a lot smaller than it is today. Back then the ratio of trainer to gym member was a lot more in favour of the trainer.
Now, it is so much easier to be a qualified PT, which I believe has lowered the quality of personal training. I think there are more qualified PT’s not working as personal trainers, then there are working personal trainers.

You see, just because you achieve a qualification in as little as six weeks, doesn’t mean you will then be able to start, and run a successful business. There is very little time (if any) spent on the things required to work as self-employed trainer, and the steps needed to run your own business.I currently present a two-hour presentation for a PT qualification company, which covers the steps needed to run a business. And most of the students on the course are even unaware that they will need to be self-employed to work as a PT.

There is a huge knowledge gap, between becoming a qualified PT, and running your own business.

So how can the gap be bridged? My number one advice to newly qualified, and struggling personal trainers, is to get involved with the small number of successful PT’s in our industry. By surrounding yourself with successful people, greatly increases your chances of being successful yourself.

By spending time with successful people, you start to implement the same habits and behaviours, which made them successful. Also, you get to understand, that for them to be successful, they had to work extremely hard, and be very dedicated to their business.

They also had to initially put up with a lot of people around them, telling them that the chances of them becoming successful was slim, and they shouldn’t bother. I myself have had to listen to people (who haven’t been successful themselves) tell me the reasons why running a personal training business won’t work out. You see, unsuccessful people want other people not to succeed, as it shows up their limitations, and their lack of ¬†ability to be successful.

Go and make contact with a PT you know, who has been successful, and ask if you can spend time with them, and see what makes their business work.

Remember, all the good PT’s want our industry to be more professional and successful. As we know, that helping other PT’s will eventually help as all, in making our industry more professional and a serious business opportunity.

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