100 Top Tips to Feel Tip Top!

I am constantly giving out tips to my friends and family without even thinking about it, so I have decided to compile a list of 100 of my top tips which I give out regularly. Living a healthy lifestyle is second nature to me, there are so many ways to improve your life to be healthier and/or stronger.  Not all of them will be relevant to you as there are so many different types of training etc. Reading this Blog I guarantee you will take some useful tips away that you can use EVERYDAY.

  1. Aim to get at least 8 hours undisturbed sleep
  2. Eat a well-balanced breakfast EVERYDAY – cereal or toast does not count. Try eggs with spinach and lean bacon
  3. Plan every training session, meal and class to military precision, that way you will get the best out of your week and the best out of you!
  4. Nab yourself a workout partner; this will make you much more likely to succeed in your goals.
  5. Mix things up – Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat YAWN! Get out of your comfort zone, try something new – MMA, Marine Training – if it scares the crap out of you DO IT!
  6. Switch off to negativity – no one needs it, wants it or gains from it
  7. Make sure you find time for you, we all need time to ourselves to process things – it’s a great way to unwind
  8. Be grateful for what you have and work for what you don’t. Being jealous of others’ ripped abs, massive guns or tight tush isn’t the way forward. No one wants anything you don’t have to work for J
  9. Invest in yourself. Knowledge is power, read constantly about training, well-being etc. things evolve constantly
  10. See your training as a business meeting with your Boss. NEVER cancel
  11. Remember WHY you started. Motivation is key
  12. Use a foam roller to stretch off sore muscles
  13. Have a bath with Epson Salts – these can be found in Holland and Barrett >>
  14. Get the right supplements for you. If you are lacking something, can you get it through your diet? Supplements should be a last resort
  15. Always warm up and complete targeting dynamic stretches to reduce the risk of injury and get your body ready for a workout
  16. Eat well to aid your body in recovery, no point having a great workout and eating a Maccy Dees – seen it done so many times!
  17. Make sure you take active rest, swimming, long walks or stretching these are great ways to relax and are as beneficial as a workout
  18. Use Ben Coombers TDT (Transdermal Technology) spray which is great at reducing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) order it from here >>
  19. Get regular sports massages
  20. Always stretch after a workout paying particular attention to tight muscles
  21. Never push through injury, take your injury as serious as your progressions.
  22. If you’re struggling to hit your calorie intake, try adding coconut oil/rapeseed oil to your meals to boost your numbers
  23. Drink water like it’s your job, then drink some more
  24. Don’t ever let yourself get to the point of feeling starving, no one makes good decisions when they are ruled by their stomach
  25. Eat what makes your body run optimally, don’t eat out of boredom or comfort. Your body needs nutritious food to recover and grow
  26. Batch cook at least once a week- works for me when the hubby is watching footy
  27. Junk food has no nutritious value, ditch or at least reduce it
  28. If you are hungry grab some fruit, if you don’t want to eat fruit then you’re not that hungry
  29. Read labels, make sure you know what you’re eating
  30. You don’t watch TV in black and white so why eat bland beige food? Everyone needs lots of colour in their life
  31. Don’t go on a diet! They do not work. The word diet originated from the Greek word “Dieta” which means “way of life” now they are thought of as short term fat diets to drop some weight fast. If it isn’t sustainable for life it won’t work!
  32. If you have hit a plateau with your running, try some sprint training – do it on a hill if you really want to push yourself
  33. Every time you run, bike or row make sure you beat your last time/distance/calorie burn
  34. If you’re a beginner start off slow, even if you run/walk run/walk SO WHAT – you’re doing something
  35. If you do cardio and want to strength train on the same day, make sure you give your body 8 hours to recover
  36. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has become very popular of late – before you try this, make sure you can do 30 minutes of steady training whether it running or on the cross training
  37. Body weight cardio is great, it’s cheap and very effective. Get yourself a GymBoss to get some interval training in
  38. Try going for a power walk or a Hill walk it can boost your cardiovascular health and is great for clearing your mind
  39. Kettle Bells are a great cardio workout, it’s a great big of kit to have around the house
  40. Ditch the car and take your bike to work, it’s cheaper and better for the environment
  41. Wear a HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) that way you can track your workouts and it gives you incentive
  42. Compound exercises are you new BFF, Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press etc. do them right and you will build a great foundation for your training
  43. Lift heavy to build strength, aim for a 3-5 rep range
  44. Make note of your reps, sets and weight so you can see how far you have come
  45. Adequate rest is essential. Don’t just stare in to space for an unknown amount of time, time your rest periods
  46. Make sure you remember symmetry, it’s no good being able to bench 100kg if you can’t squat the same
  47. Pause for two seconds at the bottom of a rep, it puts more stress on the muscle. For example at the bottom of a squat hold it so it engages the quads more
  48. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid! No need for complicated systems ‘Back & Bis’ ‘Chest & Tris’ or whatever a simple Upper & Lower routine split routine is sufficient for strength gains
  49. Supersets are good if you are pushed for time, try pairing two opposing exercise to give you time to recover
  50. Make sure you remember to do Pull/Chin ups, not use being able to lift heavy if you can’t pull yourself up when you need it
  51. To get fast results try using post exhaustion technique to for example Bench Press then dumbbell flyes
  52. Make sure you concentrate on form and completing full reps, half reps don’t count
  53. Give your body time to adapt to a training programe for atleast 4-6 weeks before you mix it up.
  54. Learn what works for you as we are all unique
  55. Dips are a very underused exercise, you can add weight if you want to challenge yourself – it will pack your chest out and pop out your triceps
  56. Have a problem with skinny calves ?– Try high volume, heavy low reps
  57. Don’t neglect your triceps, biceps are only one third of your arm
  58. Don’t train on a full stomach, eat an hour or an hour and a half before to allow food to digest
  59. Cardio should be carried out after strength training, if you are low on energy try a intra workout carb high drink
  60. Wear suitable gym wear for the activity you are completing
  61. If you are a regular runner make sure you are wearing trainers which support your running style
  62. Join a team for sport for added incentive
  63. It takes 3-4 weeks to develop a habit so give it a chance
  64. Make yourself a playlist for your tough workouts to help get you through
  65. Wash and prepare all your fruit when you purchase it; this means you can just grab it when you want to
  66. Cut up all mushrooms, onions and peppers when you buy them so you can easily to make meals like omelettes
  67. Prepare fruit for your smoothies in separate bags, freeze them and then you can take them out in advance
  68. Freeze fruit in ice cubes so you can put them in water to flavour it
  69. Start your day with a hot water and lemon to boost your digestion
  70. You should aim to have 5-7 pieces of fruit and veg per day
  71. Consume the majority of your carbs around training
  72. If you have a sweet tooth and fancy a snack, try 2 squares of dark chocolate (75% cocoa or above), it should hit the spot!
  73. Don’t drink your calories, alcohol, fake fruit and fizzy is full of empty calories
  74. Don’t skip a meal – EVER! You want your body to know when to expect it’s next meal
  75. If you have a weakness for crisps or chocolate in the evening, don’t have them in the house. It’s a lot more effort to go out and get them that it is to raid the cupboards
  76. Test fitness to see your improvements – whether it be sits ups/press ups in minute or how long it takes to complete a mile run/walk– seeing improvements is great incentive
  77. Don’t use carbs as a scape goat, they are not the enemy – giving them up causes some weight loss due to the calorie deficit not the elimination of a food group. Your body needs carbs for energy!
  78. If your ultimate aim is to lose 3 stone, break this down into manageable smaller goals. Having short term goals keeps us focused. Aim for a loss of 2lbs per week for steady long term weight loss
  79. Track your weight loss with a variety of tools, tape measure, pictures and scales are my preferred methods. Using favourite piece of clothing can also help
  80. If you have a good week and don’t feel you have got the results you believe you have earned DO NOT spoil it by giving up. Keep at it, everybody loses/gains at different paces. Sometimes our body can be stubborn so keep yourself in the game!
  81. Create yourself a vision board to keep inspired. Use pictures or words which resonate with you and how you see yourself achieving your goals
  82. Are your goals SMART? Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. If they do not fit in with all these word them so that they do. Goals which are vague and open are not easily measured or obtained!
  83. Always have a back up! No I don’t mean like Phoebe on Friends does! If you come home and your fish smells off, then always have a frozen meal you can eat instead which will not result in you ringing a takeaway (vegetable chilli is my back up).
  84. If a meeting over runs/ you get up late and only have enough time for a 20 minute training plan so be it! Don’t use it as an excuse to skip training. Get on the bike/treadmill and do some HIIT. Type in 20 minutes and every 2 minutes sprint for 20-30seconds. You will be glad you only have 20 minutes in the end!
  85. Be more active in everyday life, don’t sit around for long periods of time. If you have a desk job; every hour go for a walk to the furthest toilet – upstairs if you can! In your lunch hour go for a walk or run outside – you will be so much more productive when you get back to your desk
  86. The stress hormone cortisol hinders weight loss and muscle building so make sure you take time to manage your stress levels
  87. We all have certain exercises we do not like to perform. This is usually because it is our weakness, you won’t get any better if you avoid doing them! Practice makes perfect!
  88. Do you constantly use a weight belt? The can cause you to be weaker as you are not engaging your abs and lower back effectively.
  89. If you want to get results quicker, hire a PT or Gym Instructor. They know what they are doing and they will make you more accountable
  90. Remember to have a de load week every 6 weeks. Give your body time recover and reduces the risk of injury
  91. Using a special event to spur on weight loss can be very helpful. A wedding, family get together or a holiday are a great incentive to drop some fat and show off your hard work
  92. Get your friends and family involved. Building a healthier lifestyle is something to be proud of. Swapping recipes and spending time together being more active can bring positive changes and better relationships
  93. It takes a calorie deficit of 3500 to burn 1lb of fat, a safe way to do this is to burn 250 calories with training and reduce your calories by 250 each day. If you take a rest day, eat 500 calories less as you do not require the added energy
  94. There is no right or wrong time to workout there is only the best time to workout around your schedule. I like to workout first thing, this sets me up for a great day and makes my food choices better as I do not want to spoil my hard work
  95. Try a different food every week, we tend to get stuck in a rut when trying to keep healthy. There is so much variety to choose from, ostrich anyone?
  96. Boil a batch of eggs to have ready for a quick snack, use a marker pen to put a smiley face on; that way you know which ones are cooked
  97. Get to the app store, there are so many apps you can download to help you with your health and fitness quest. MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, Gym PocketGuide, runtastic etc.
  98. Keep an eye on your portion sizes, not many people are aware that they could be over eating at every meal. Look it up online there are everyday items which help to gauge the size your portions should be
  99. LAUGH! Laughter is infectious and it really boosts your day hearing a great joke, reminiscing about a funny story. If a certain person makes you laugh a lot make sure you spend lots of time with them
  100. Finish what you start – nothing makes you feel crappier than not completing tasks you have set for yourself. If you have signed up to a coach to 5k DO IT!So what did you think? Which tips did you find useful? Did you see any tips that you already know? Were there any you didn’t agree with? Post your comments below I am interested to hear your thoughts.To read more blogs like this from Kelly West at Vital Fitness simply sign up here >> or visit my site www.vitalfitnesspt.com and if you’re looking for a personal trainer in Carterton contact me here >>


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