5 Tips for Really Getting That Bikini Body This Summer

There’s nothing quite like hanging out at the beach with your bikini body on show, but we all want to feel confident in our bodies when we do that. This guide will help you resist the urge to hide behind your towel with five easy-to-follow tips, from making sure you keep moving to figuring out how to lower cholesterol.

1. Replacing ‘unhealthy’ foods

With any fat loss plan, you have to pay close attention to diet. This is hugely beneficial for your overall health too, of course. But how do you go about this? ‘More vegetables, less meat’ is a good rule of thumb, though you should keep an eye on your protein intake to make sure you get enough. You may also want to think about things like how to lower cholesterol. A great start is to replace foods high in saturated fats with leaner meats, Omega 3-rich fish, leafy greens and high fibre foods. These foods will make your body work a little bit harder, and it will also give your body more of what it needs and less of what it can easily miss.

2. Portion size

Paying close attention to portion size is a popular way to slim down, as it’s easy to get a little greedy when you’re hungry and serving up more food than you actually need. Consider investing in a set of digital scales and keep an eye on how much you’re eating. If you try eating smaller portions more often, you won’t go hungry due to long meal breaks and you won’t have time to nibble on snacks. Try eating six small meals per day and see what it does to your waist. Breakfast is vital, so start the day with a decent meal and you’ll have the fuel you need to get going.

3. Keep moving

Whether it’s going for a walk or run, taking a spin class with your friends, or playing sport, do something every day. Your energy levels will increase and you’ll be able to work out harder, run longer, and pedal faster each week. That increased calorie burn will help target leftover fat stores. For an extra boost, get in a high intensity workout when you can (always under supervision if you’re new to it).

4. Ditch the fizzy drinks

Replace your fizzy drinks with water and you’ll feel much healthier very quickly. Staying hydrated will keep your head clear and help your body cope with extra workouts. If you really enjoy tea and coffee, replacing it with green tea can make a big difference too. You don’t have to drop them out completely; just cutting a couple of cups a day can pay dividends.

5. Work out with a friend

Increasing your fitness and burning off fat involves dedication and enthusiasm, and one of the best ways to maintain that is to take on the challenge with a friend. You can help each other with your new eating plans, push each other to work out a little bit harder, and support each other when it gets challenging.

If you put these tips into practice, you’ll soon find yourself fitting into those summer clothes that were too tight just a few months ago and you’ll be able to work your way

towards a trimmer body. As well as looking good, you’ll get a whole raft of health benefits too, thanks to considering other health points like how to lower cholesterol, and you’ll have much more energy. Give them a go and enjoy your new bikini bod!


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