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Are you looking for your perfect personal trainer Cardiff? A healthy lifestyle is for anyone and everyone. Including you. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, a couch potato or a fitness fanatic: working with a personal trainer is a dead-cert for moving towards your fitness goals smartly, safely and swiftly. But with hundreds of personal trainers who call Cardiff home, how do you find the one that’s right for you?

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There’s a reason they refer to Cardiff as Arcade City. But away from the frenetic hoards and their designer label shopping bags, there are some top spots to get your pulse racing. Kill it with kettlebells among the football-loving uni students on Pontcanna Fields. Go the distance in Cardiff International Pool - home to the finest swimming facilities in Wales. Or if you fancy giving your legs a challenge that the pancake-flat city centre can’t, take on the mighty Garth Hill. At 307 metres above sea-level, the views from the top are spectacular.

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You’ll feel like a million dollars next time you’re among the well-heeled shopaholics of St. David’s.

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